What the critics say…

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“Spellbinding…..utterly compelling” – The Classical Source

“Unmissable” – Classic FM magazine

“Elegant, refined music-making” (Audiophile Audition, USA)

“A professional ensemble that seems to be eking out a niche for itself… Consortium makes some very beautiful sounds” (Fanfare, USA)

“…their singing is sensitive and technically impressive. Andrew-John Smith draws from them an infinitely subtle dynamic range and some impeccably moulded phrasing which certainly serves Reger uncommonly well. One suspects this repertoire could have found no finer exponents…” (Gramophone)

“Consortium sing with enviably golden warmth and balance, and never-faltering pitch.” (The Times)

“…admirable qualities of true intonation, splendid sense of inner balance and command of various musical styles which add a welcome aura to their fine performances.” (Musical Opinion)

“The stylistic awareness, control of vocal colour and at times sheer intensity which Smith draws from his singers can be spellbinding….utterly compelling….” (The Classical Source)

“There is little doubt that this is high-class choral singing: refined, sweet-toned, impeccably tuned, with subtly nuanced dynamics…” (MusicalCriticism.com)

“This is definitely a crack chamber-sized choir: the sound is perennially fresh, even youthful … Intonation, ensemble, articulation are all flawless … I have much enjoyed Consortium’s Brahms, especially for the sheer quality of the singing. They are particularly good at sustaining tone in pianissimo, and they are always rhythmically alive, which is vital in this repertoire” (International Record Review)